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Skyie is an artificial intelligence based online bidding platform that publishes internal and external purchases and sales for your business or business needs, and where companies' information, comments, and ratings are published.

Kolay İşler03

Kolay Isler is an online business management and accounting system that eliminates the location dependence that enables you to keep track of all the processes related to your business and makes it your business. The easiest way of accounting.

Biyolla (Soon)04

This system will be at your service soon.

Pikko (Soon)05

This system will be at your service soon.

Comodo Products06

As a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, Comodo provides end-to-end security services with over 85 million desktop security software installations, 600.00 enterprise customers, 8000 partners and the world's No. 1 certification authority.